DiFluid was founded by Linus Peng, an entrepreneur who dropped out of his PHD program at South China University of Technology after a simple idea: Improving outdated technology by using modern methods to reinvent old laboratory equipment and bring the cost down far enough to put it in the hands of ordinary people.

After releasing his first product, a simple, app connected multi-purpose refractometer that utilized a CMOS sensor rather than the traditional CCD, there was an overwhelming interest by the coffee community. After receiving such a warm welcome, Linus and his team dove deeply into the coffee world, introducing innovation and fresh ideas to coffee enthusiasts, small businesses, and large-scale roasting companies alike.

We aim to combine the artistic process of coffee production with data extracted from our collection of coffee tools to create the perfect blend of science and art.

Our Commitment

Our tools are developed in-house and certified by authorities worldwide, ensuring quality and reliability. We've shattered barriers that have previously made this technology available only to large corporations, bringing precision and consistency down to the consumer level, while simultaneously saving large roasting operations hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our Patents

Since its inception, DiFluid has developed over 30 international and domestic technical patents spanning across optics, electronics, algorithms, structures, and system solutions. We take pride in our cutting-edge contributions to the coffee community, driving innovation and new ideas.

And we're just getting started.