Unveiling the Roast Degree Analysis Technology of DiFluid Omni

Unveiling the Roast Degree Analysis Technology of DiFluid Omni

Unveiling the Roast Degree Analysis Technology of DiFluid Omni


DiFluid Omni, as a revolutionary device for roast degree analysis, incorporates the industry's first 2D near-infrared imaging system, bringing a new breakthrough to the coffee industry. In this article, we will uncover the core technological highlights of DiFluid Omni, providing you with a deeper understanding of this innovative equipment.

Core Highlight 1: Imaging System for Precise Detection of Each Coffee Bean's Roast Degree

DiFluid Omni utilizes 2D near-infrared imaging technology to accurately capture the roast characteristics of each coffee bean in real-time. This system helps roasters gain better control over the roasting process by providing visual representation and analysis.

Core Highlight 2: Fusion of Multiple Near-Infrared Bands

DiFluid Omni employs multiple near-infrared bands, such as 850nm and 940nm, and utilizes data fusion techniques to provide comprehensive information. This enables roasters to make precise adjustments by accurately assessing the roast degree of the beans.

Core Highlight 3: Recognition of Silver Skin and Adjustable Sensitivity

 DiFluid Omni excels at recognizing silver skin, allowing users to adjust the sensitivity according to their specific needs. This feature ensures flexibility in meeting different roasting requirements.


Core Highlight 4: Instant Use with Temperature Compensation System

Equipped with an advanced temperature compensation system, DiFluid Omni can perform accurate measurements immediately upon startup, eliminating the need for preheating time and improving work efficiency.

Core Highlight 5: Accurate Analysis with Minimal Sample Size

DiFluid Omni requires only 3g of ground coffee or 15g of whole beans for precise roast degree analysis. This minimizes the consumption of coffee beans and saves valuable time during the analysis process.

The above highlights represent the core technologies of DiFluid Omni for roast degree analysis. Through this innovative device, roasters can gain more accurate insights into the roast degree of coffee beans, enabling them to achieve fine-tuned roasting control and elevate the taste and quality of coffee. Let's look forward to the exciting possibilities that DiFluid Omni brings to the coffee industry!