Green Coffee & Roast Color Analyzer

Quickly measure water activity, moisture, density, screen size, expansion rate, roast level, temperature, humidity and altitude.

  • Auto-detection of dried fruits, parchment coffee, green beans, roasted beans, ground coffee and other samples
  • True density calculation: Using optical algorithm technology
  • Quick and easy self-calibration
  • Data visualization and export in DiFluid Café
  • OTA Firmware Upgrades
  • SDK Support

*We will ship according to the order sequence starting in mid-July.

Water Activity Omix Omix Plus
Precision ±0.005 Aw ±0.005 Aw
Range 0.2-1 Aw 0.2-1 Aw
Resolution 0.001 Aw 0.001 Aw
Moisture Content Omix Omix Plus
Precision ±0.1% ±0.1%
Range 1-60% 1-60%
Resolution 0.1% 0.1%
Density Omix Omix Plus
Precision ±0.5g/L ±0.5g/L
Range 0-1500g/L 0-1500g/L
Resolution 0.1g/L 0.1g/L
Roast Degree Omix Omix Plus
Supported No Yes

Model: Omix

Omix Plus (Includes Roast Level Analyzer)

Extract your coffee data.

Omix packs an astonishing number of sensors into an unbelievably small, light, and portable design. Discover a new world of coffee control with the most feature packed tool DiFluid has ever produced.Data collected by Omix is saved on device, and can be exported via the companion app, DiFluid Café.

Ready for anything.

Using a combination of sensors and algorithms, testing samples are auto-detected without the need for inputting sample type. Data can then be extracted from coffee cherries, dried cherries, parchment coffee, green coffee, and roasted whole bean & ground coffee, all with the touch of a single button.

Superior camera vision.

By fusing data from a multitude of sensors, Omix detects sample noise including gaps, chaff, and outliers, removing them from the sample, resulting in data extraction far more accurate than was ever possible before.

Making the impossible, possible.

Using a technique previously thought to be impossible in such a small design, Omix utilizes what is known as the Chilled-Mirror-Dew-Point method to accurately measure water activity in under 30 seconds. Outside water activity, Omix is capable of testing moisture content, estimated true density, gap rate, screen size, expansion rate, roast level, and sample temperature, while keeping track of current airpressure, altitude, humidity and temperature. That's a lot.

True density.

A combination of innovative algorithms allow Omix to mimic the displacement method to estimate true density with a tiny margin of error. Say goodbye to using bulk density as a reference point, and step into a new world of accuracy.

Big data, small sample.

Omix's coffee sample containers are large enough to obtain a useful reading, while being small enough to be light, compact, and convenient. Whether you are on site at a coffee farm, in a roasting facility, in a lab, or at home, Omix will help prevent coffee waste, help roasters improve their craft, and move the industry forward as a whole.

Connect to DiFluid Café

Collect all your coffee data in one place with DiFluid Café. Omix can be used both with andwithout the companion app. Collect data out inthe field, then bring it back and upload. Keeptrack of important metrics between roasts to bring your roast skills to new heights.

What's in the box?