DiFluid wants to work together with people in the coffee industry and coffee lovers to build and promote the coffee culture, and to provide as much help as possible to its partners.
Below is a list of sponsorship/promotion/partnership policies that DiFluid has in place. If you meet one of the criteria, you can apply through the corresponding portal.
Do not submit multiple times, we will only process the last submitted questionnaire.

Application Portals


If you have not yet achieved outstanding results in an event, or are participating in a coffee event for the first time, or if you fulfill other criteria (see application form for details), you can apply for a DiFluid product player sponsorship.

- 45 days prior to the start of the event for which you are registering.
- Has never been sponsored by DiFluid yet.

- In exchange for products, we expect photos, videos, and/or interviews.
- Compliance with our Code of Conduct.
- Display and use DiFluid products at the event.

Distributor / Academy

If you are a coffee appliance distributor, or a coffee training academy, you can apply for sample product discounts. As our distributor, when you participate in various trade show events and display DiFluid products, you will receive an additional free trade show product package from us.

- Dealer of coffee or related appliances.

- To establish a long-term distribution relationship and promote DiFluid products together with us.
- Actively participate in exhibitions and increase DiFluid's influence.


If you are a professional in the industry or an enthusiast with considerable insight and love for coffee equipment, you can join our internal testing and consulting team . You will have the opportunity to be one of the first to experience DiFluid's latest products and work with us to create new products that will change the industry.

- Required to sign a personal NDA.
- Cannot be employed in other companies/organizations majored in coffee related devices.

- To provide feedback on the products received for internal testing and provide valuable suggestions for our new product development.


If you have won a tournament or are an influential KOL, you can apply to get our products to review and use, and get rewarded for promoting them.

- Have won national/international coffee events.

- Provide promotion for our products, introduce the advantages of our products to your friends around you.
- Establish a long-term promotional relationship with us.


If you are operating your own social media channel, or having a certain base of followers in your private domain group. You could apply from this portal to get an influencer discount, and start our long-term cooperation.

- Have your own platform on social media with a certain base of followers.

- Promote our products and tell your friends about the benefits of our products.
- Establish a long term promotional relationship with us.
- Comply with our Code of Conduct.


If you're a developer and want to create more ways to play with the DiFluid device's SDK functionality, you can apply to receive a developer discount and a full rebate once your development content goes live.

- It is necessary to provide information about the project you plan to develop and give the desired effect after the development is completed.

- To provide more interesting content for the coffee community by utilizing the SDK function of DiFluid devices.