Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need to calibrate?
A: Through clear water calibration, to exclude factors that may affect the subsequent measurement of liquids containing substances.
2. Why does the measurement of clear water show negative numbers?
A: Probably due to the influence of temperature, the measurement result has been shifted, and needs to be corrected by clear water again.
Correction method: short press + long press until the display calibration in, you can release, will show calibration completed.
3. Why do the data keep fluctuating when measuring the same liquid for many times?
A: There may be two reasons, 1, the device corresponds to the accuracy of 0.3, calibration after the display is within 0.3 is a normal jump; 2, temperature changes are not recommended in the case of calibration, you need to wait two minutes and then calibrate with water to ensure that the calibration fluid and the temperature of the glucometer consistent.
4. Is it possible to measure solids?
A: It can not be measured directly. If the solid can be dissolved, it can be measured by measuring the aqueous solution of the solid.
5. What permissions do I need to open to WeChat for the small program connection?
A: You need to open the Bluetooth and positioning two kinds of permissions
6. What are the essential differences between the four versions?
A: Different versions have differences in function, range and accuracy, check the product details table
7. How long is the product warranty period?
A: The warranty period starts from the day the user receives the product, and the warranty is one year. Quality problems sent back, postage costs are borne by our company.